Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our little Easton!

Easton's feet at almost a year old! 2006

Easton has always loved the water! He also
loves eating dirt! A little too much!

Easton was a very cuddly baby until 14 months.

Easton on his first b-day eating tons of cake and
drinking a bottle of milk! Who would of thought
he would soon change and not be able to enjoy
the things he loves most. At 12 months Easton
would stand on the couch and yell for his siblings.
It was the cutest Cali, Skyler, Brydon, and Crew
you have ever heard. I never even thought I could
lose such a sweet thing but by 14 months he no
longer talked and couldn't look at you anymore.
At 17 months we got him diagnosed after waiting
the three months, because they thought I was
crazy to think anything was wrong making it not
a priority,I was told he had characteristics of
autism. A year later at 26 months we finally got
the true diagnosis.Our little Easton is autistic.
Since 19 months we have done many therapies
with him. Speech, O.T,developmental, structured
habilation and ABA.Structured habilation and
ABA services are not covered because they say
my little Easton isn't severe enough. Making the
process of getting all the stuff he needs, expensive.
The other services being covered by the
government thank heavens. Easton has a total of
15+ hours a week of therapy. In addition to that
we visit a bio medicine doctor monthly. Easton
is on supplement's consisting of Chromium,
Magnessium, Lithium, Iodine, Zinc, C-
Spironolactione, Floconazole, Acetyl-L-Carnitine,
Melatonin, and now an antibiotic also.
The antibiotic is for Giardia. Yes, a parasite
he got somehow. This picture explains it
clearly! We thought his eating dirt and drinking
any water was just a boy thing but we were so
wrong! It's his little autistic thing. He loves licking
everything that is dirty! Not so shocking to
hear this news I guess.

So needless to say we are constantly watching
trying to keep these filthy things out of his
mouth. He is also on a Gluten-free diet. This
means he has no wheat,eggs,flour, corn in his
diet. He also has no dairy. (Maybe that's why
he eats everything else!)

Easton is delayed in speech and social skills.
( social is coming) But as for being delayed in
other area's we have found that all we are
doing is helping him. His eye contact is much
better. We actually can rock him to sleep now
at 26 months for the first time since 14 months.

Easton is now officially going to be starting
"big boy school". He will be in the public school
system along with the other therapies
starting August 6,2008.

He will be a busy boy! He is very busy so I
think he will do great! I'm amazed that he's
not even three and doing all he is doing! I
wouldn't change him for nothing! He is the
love of our lives even if he is way hard!
Every little thing he does seems to be a
miracle to us! We can't wait to see what an
amazing person he becomes!


We are so fortunate with all the needed help
and support we have for little Easton!

Friday, July 25, 2008

4th of July.

The cousin's loves hangin' out with each other.

This is Crew and his cousin that we think
should have been brother's!

Crew is always a happy kid! He loves the
parade! He loads up on the candy!

I love my boys!
It's always fun hangin' out with my only sis!

The best dad EVER! We love you!

Eight is great!

Brydon was baptized June 14th, 2008

Brydon and his cousin Riley shared this special
day together. They were blessed together, even
born at the same hospital just hours apart
together! What's next!

The family is so proud of Brydon! Thanks to
all that came and shared his special day.

Happy b-day Brydon.

Brydon is now a big eight! Born May 22,2000

He is our most social child! He loves friends!

Brydon's sister invited some friends so she
wouldn't be totally surrounded by boys!
although she is used to it being the only girl
with 4 brothers!

Crew playing it safe! Smart boy!

Typical boy party. Brydon's buddy got a bloody
nose! Brydon is our boy who's had a broken leg,
stitches, and a broken tooth. We know if someone
is hurt it's Brydon or someone around him! That's
our Brydon!

Crew graduated from preschool!

Crew is finally going to be a BIG kindergard-
ner! This seems so weird because he's as big
as our 2 almost 3 year old . Granted our 2
almost 3 year old is extremely BIG for his
age! We are so proud of him!