Friday, November 14, 2008

Are you serious!

Here's a before and after picture of
Crew today. What the heck happened!
This morning I dressed Crew and
didn't put a undershirt under his sweat
shirt. I always do but was lazy and
thought,"What the heck, it might save
me on laundry anyways". I go to pick
up the kids and my first thought was
who the heck would dress their kid like
that! Well to my suprise it was my kid!
I guess he got hot. Crew being the kid
he is didn't even care! I think he actually
liked the look. My lesson learned was to
make sure I dress my children properly
so that they don't look homeless!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My grandpa calls me today and decides he want
to take me and Cali in his plane up to see my
family and have lunch. I don't get to see my
family very much (which can get lonesome)
or grandpa and I really needed it!

Cali loves flying in grandpa's plane! Grandpa
calls her his "Miss America".

Grandpa Johnson will be 83 years old this
year and still can fly a plane but he always has
his pilot and is the co-pilot. He is amazing.

This is Sunrise ski resort on the flight up. I
can't wait to ski! I can't believe there is

The flight was 45 minutes there and 45 minutes
back. It takes me 4 hours just to drive there. It
went by so fast! I am so thankful for my grandpa!
He is the greatest man you'll ever know! It's so
fun being able to spend time with him and my
family. I love you guys.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween fun 2008!

I don't know who loves Halloween more! My
mother or my children. This year Grandpa
and Grandma Tieman came and went trick
or treating with them. It was a lot of fun!

These costumes were a hit! Everyone was
laughing @ Brydon and Crew! Thanks to
Grandpa and Grandma Tieman for buying

Cali hangin' with friends Rachel and Sarah

Crew hangin' with friends Jack and

Easton hangin' with his school teacher Jodie.

"Mummy's Boy" for sure!

Cali's BFF @ October break.

What would we do without cousin's! Every
October break the Horne clan vacations together
@ Newport Beach for a week! This year mom,
Easton, and sickly Crew stayed home! So sad
but the other's had a great time with dad! Cousin
Tayler and Cali have so much fun together!

Easton these days @ 3!

I can't believe my baby is three years old!
Where's my baby?

Easton is a three year old trapped in a 5 year
old body! He weighs and is as tall as his 5
year old brother Crew!

Now OBSESSED with Cars! He has a car
in his hand @ all times! If some how he doesn't
have a car in his hand then it's any kind of ball.
We love you baby Easton.

Cali's 10th birthday's!

Cali's birthday was celebrated @ Arizona Grand.
She and Sarah Jolley's birthday's are in the same
month so they decided they need a girl's sleep-
over party!

The girls- Sarah, Cali, Rachel, And Olivia.

Her next party was @ her favorite restaurant
Ah-So with family and BFF Jodie!

We Love you Cali girl!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

The Famous "Fenway Park" in Boston. We have
started a new tradition in our family when a
child turns 13 years old, they get to choose
where they want to go on a vacation with just
his/her parents. This year, it was a birthday-
Father's Day present and Skyler wanted to watch
the Redsox play the Diamondbacks at Fenway.

Diamondbacks at Fenway - Diamondbacks won!

Grandpa and Uncle Darrell at Fenway.

Uncle Darrell and Skyler.

Skyler and Dustin in front of the "Green Monster"

This is where we sat during the game!

Skyler getting an autograph from Brandon

Getting an autograph from Brandon Lyon.

Stephen Drew.

Autograph from Jeff Salazar.

Coach Bob Melvin during rain delay.

Randy Johnson, Mark Reynolds, Eric Byrnes
and Chris Young.

Manny Ramirez on third base.

Grandpa, Uncle Darrell and Skyler in front of
the USS Constitution - the oldest warship still
in active duty. George Washington built this

Uncle Darrell, Grandpa and Skyler in front
of the Washington Memorial.

Skyler in front of the Boston Garden
just days after the Celtics won the
NBA Championship.

Skyler and Dad in front of the
Ted Williams statue at Fenway.

Skyler eating seafood - his favorite!

Skyler crashed out at the end of his trip! It was
a great time with memories that will be
cherished forever!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school for the Horne gang!

All five Horne's kids in public school's!2008-2009

Cute picture of the kids with neighbor's
"The Jolley's"