Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You'll be missed Grandma Johnson.

Grandma's three sweet daughter's. Left to
right (Joyce, Janice, & Phyllis)

Grandma's family. Left to right (Phyllis, Eddie,
Janice, Grandma, Grandpa, Clifford, & Joyce)

Sweet pictures @ Grandma's grave site of some
of the family.

I am going to miss my Grandma Johnson , who
passed away April 12th 2008, dearly. I am so
thankful I know that someday I will get to see
her again. I truly believe families will be together
forever & am thankful for mine.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Horne!

Brent with two of his three boys. Deron &

Dustin. Darrell was too quick for me & I

missed him for the pictures! Sorry Darrell!

Almost the whole family. Left to right (Geneva,

Deron, Brent, Kristen, and Dustin.

We couldn't ask for a better grandpa! We love

him dearly!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My baseball boys

How cute! 3 of the four boys. We cant wait until
Easton our two year old will be joining in. More
updates of playing ball will be posted since this
is our life for the next couple months Monday
thru Saturday!Struggling to get pictures of all
of them considering the games are pretty much
@ the same time!

Skyler, the big brother, is out on the field with
Crew trying to keep him focused! As you can
tell not working but Crew is having a great time!
Crew ALWAYS has a great time!

Brydon is so happy to play ball! 2 years ago he
broke his leg and was in a wheel chair for over
a month . It drove him crazy that he wasn't able
to play. Any of you that know Brydon know
he just better get used to these things because
he is the child that is always hurt!

We are so grateful to have athletic boys! Mostly
Dustin I think who enjoys it sometimes almost
more than the boys! Mom just thinks they look
super cute in the outfits!