Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school for the Horne gang!

All five Horne's kids in public school's!2008-2009

Cute picture of the kids with neighbor's
"The Jolley's"

Football has begun!

What would the Horne boys do without
football! We have just started up the season.
Skyler and Brydon are in full pads and
helments in 100 degree weather Monday
thru Friday running and hitting! Do they
love it? Crazy thing is they live to play!
It's hard for mom to watch but they do look
pretty dang cute in the uniforms!

Cali finally got her glasses!

Cali does competive gym making it impossible
to wear glasses so she wears contact lenses.
She has had her contacts since the third grade
but has begged for glasses! The last eye exam
she had, she decided she wanted them so bad
she would pay for them herself! Needless to say
my daughter now has glasses. She really did
pay for them. What a good kid!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Feelings about having an autistic child.

I came across this when reading another
blog of a friend that also has an autistic
child. It is so how I feel. It totally made
me cry and also pushes me harder in
helping my little boy. I wont give up!