Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cutest picture ever!

Although he is our little handful (i.e., flushing his own
head in the toilet, running around naked, sitting in the
dryer, etc.) we would not be a complete family without
him! How can't you love a face like that?


Rhonda said...

Seriously, that is the cutest picture ever!
I missed you! I'm glad that your back!
Fyi, I'm going private. Check out my blog...

URFAVE5 said...

Hi Mindy-I was just browsing around from one blog to another and I happen to come across your blog. It is so fun to see and hear what your family is up to!

We sure miss seeing and having Skyler around our house. He is such a good boy! We really do need to try to keep him and Blake good friends. They have so much fun together and enjoy one another so much! I hope Skyler enjoys High School and that all goes well with all of your children.

Thanks for your friendships! Take Care!

JoLynn Ellsworth

The Tieman's said...

Wow, You've been doing some blogging! Very cute pictures! We miss you guys, Ella says all of your names everyday.